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For more than 20 years in the market, the Brazilian Business Park - BBP develop, incorporate and build industrial and logistics condominiums. With a complete infrastructure condominium, we offer additional business services, always striving to be ahead of customer needs by and always offering new services. We also marketing spaces and the condominium administration and services for companies to focus 100% on your own business.




Create business communities, creating jobs and improving the quality of life of the local community.




Make the name "Brazilian Business Park" internationally known and respected. A world reference in Business Condos.




We value our customers and we look for satisfy the needs of these companies through our services, of which we are proud.
We value and believe in people and in their ability to learn, evolve to develop through education, work and own efforts.
We value the productivity of people and the proper use of resources without waste.
We value the technologies.
We value the ongoing development of the company through continuous improvement of our services.
We value the profit and we believe that companies should have their goals aligned with the goals of society.
We value nature and we believe that "There is an order in the universe," and we all, in a way, we are the guardians responsible for this balance.